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      Glazer Delmar Solicitors

      Founded in 1989 and based in East Dulwich, Glazer Delmar is one of the largest law firms in South East London with 28 staff, including 3 partners and 12 lawyers.

      Our Values

      As one of South East London’s largest law firms, we are able to offer you a wide range of top quality legal support and advice.
      We’re approachable, yet always professional. We’re reliable, consistent and each of us has a genuine desire to exceed your expectations.

      Ours is a practice where every solicitor specialises. We’re confident in our abilities and the results we achieve for our clients. But if your case falls outside our expertise, we will tell you, and recommend a specialist who can help you.

      We are proud of our knowledge of South East London. Many of us live in the area, and send our children to local schools. We look forward to making a difference in your personal, family or business life.

      Our Services


      PLEASE NOTE: Our bank details have now changed. Please contact the Accounts office directly on 0300 373 9313 for more information.