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      Family Law: Understanding the ‘ins and outs’

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      What is Family Law?

      For many people their family forms some of the closest relationships in their lives.

      Family is not merely defined by having a blood relation to a someone e.g., the relationship between a mother and child but can also be defined through marriage or even adoption.

      Family law’ comprises of a range of different areas not limited to but including:

      • Divorce
      • Dissolution
      • Financial settlement
      • Child Arrangements
      • Domestic Abuse Injunctions
      • Cohabitation

      What do Family Lawyers do?

      A significant part of a Family Lawyers work is to advise clients on legal processes through their application of the law to a client’s specific instructions and advise clients on the merits of their case as well as time estimates for concluding their matter.

      Some other responsibilities for a Family Lawyers, include representation within court proceedings, drafting legal documents, client interviews and legal research. Most importantly Family Lawyers have a duty to ensure that they always act in their client’s best interests.

      When would I need a Family Lawyer?

      The need to instruct a Family Lawyer can arise for a several reasons. A common reason is often surrounding the breakdown of some form of relationship which in turn impacts other aspects of the client’s life, such as children, finances, or domestic abuse.

      Therefore, you might find that when instructing a Family Solicitor in one matter there may a link to another area of Family Law e.g., divorce often triggers child arrangements proceedings as the dynamics of the family change such that a court order is required to regulate contact.

      Others may encounter difficulties within their relationships that they wish to resolve through non court alternatives such as mediation. In which case your Family Lawyer will be able to assist with facilitating this provided that it is safe to do so.

      How much does a Family Lawyer cost?

      The cost of instructing a family lawyer varies depending on the matter which you have instructed for. However, some matters are dealt with under a fixed fee arrangement such as divorce and nullity which covers all of the work that we will be required to carry out until the client’s instructions have been met.

      Conversely other matter such as child arrangements matters are carried out on an hourly rate basis primarily because each case is relative which results in varied outcomes for different clients.

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