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    Litigation solicitors

      We can advise you on contract and property disputes, debt matters, asset recovery and neighbour disputes.

      We can assist if there is an issue about someone else’s Will or distribution of another person’s estate.

      You may have received advice or assistance from a professional that you believe to be wrong and which has caused you loss. We can help you recover that loss.

      If proceedings are issued against you we will defend you, advise you on your possible liability and strive to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion.

      Litigation can be expensive. We strive to guide parties towards other means of resolution, for example mediation or arbitration. If that is not possible, we will protect your interests through court proceedings.

      We will give clear and practical advice.

      One-off guidance consultations are available.

      Please contact us at enquiries@glazerdelmar.com  or call us on 020 8299 0021 if you would like more information.

      PLEASE NOTE: Our bank details have now changed. Please contact the Accounts office directly on 0300 373 9313 for more information.