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    Family & Relationships Solicitors

      Dealing with divorce or the end of a relationship

      Our experienced and dedicated Family & Relationships team are very aware that the decision to end a relationship is never taken lightly and can be one of the most traumatic periods in your life. Many marriages unfortunately end in divorce and the legal process, especially where there are children or financial issues to resolve can be emotionally challenging.

      It is our job to help you.

      How we can help

      Our Family & Relationships team has extensive experience of advising and representing clients in all types of family matters including divorce and resolving the family finances, cohabitee disputes, children issues, nuptial agreements and injunctions.

      We aim to provide sympathetic and no nonsense professional advice, tailored to your individual circumstances. We are used to advising clients in difficult emotional situations. We offer prompt and practical advice on how to cope with problems and resolve them. We aim where possible to reach agreement without the need for court proceedings.

      How we operate

      We take a conciliatory approach towards relationship breakdown. If your case is suitable, we will always recommend mediation as a way to a speedy, amicable resolution. Mediation enables you to sit down and discuss your problems with an impartial person. Hopefully, you will resolve them without the need to go to court, which can be costly and stressful.

      If an amicable solution cannot be reached, we will fight your corner and we are prepared to be firm and assist you in seeking the court’s help.