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      A Divorce Doesn’t Have to Mean the January Blues

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      January is notoriously the most popular month of the year for break-ups, divorces and the dissolving of relationships, and there are a number of reasons why. Whether you didn’t want to ruin Christmas, the stresses of the holidays have taken their toll, or you’ve just finally had enough, a separation, whilst tough at first, can often be a blessing in disguise, as long as you follow a few basic steps:

      Get the right legal advice

      Money, houses, cars and kids; divorces can be messy even without the massive decisions that have to be made about these assets, so it is vital that you seek out good legal advice before you go too far.
      A solicitor can help you out in all aspects of your separation, including everything from dividing up your assets, to deciding whether or not you need to take court action.

      Make an informed decision

      It can often be difficult to decide that you really do want a divorce, but if there are children involved it is of course important to act in their best interests too.

      If, at the end of the day, a separation or divorce is the best option for you and your family, your solicitor will help to make the whole process go smoothly and fairly.

      Glazer Delmar is one of South East London’s largest law firms. We have specialist solicitors who can help you with issues including:

      – Divorce
      – Co-habition
      – Civil Partnerships
      – Pre-Nuptials
      – Injunctions
      – Domestic Violence

      For more information please get in touch with us on: 020 8299 0021 or email enquiries@glazerdelmar.com

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