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    Buying Your Freehold or Extending Your Lease

      If you are leaseholder you may have the right to purchase your freehold or claim a new extended lease.

      There are many advantages to be gained:-

      • No more ground rent
      • The value of your property increases
      • Saleability rises dramatically
      • Meets lending criteria

      The process demands that complex and strictly defined procedures (including serving a properly drawn up initial notice on the landlord) are adhered to. Our leasehold specialists can help you  from the beginning right through to successful completion.

      We also assist landlords who have received notification from their tenants.

      For expert advice on Buying your freehold and lease extensions call our Residential Property Department and ask to speak to our Leasehold Enfranchisement Specialist.

      PLEASE NOTE: Our bank details have now changed. Please contact the Accounts office directly on 0300 373 9313 for more information.