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    Domestic Violence and Injunctions

      Domestic Violence

      Domestic violence is any violence, or threat of violence that takes place between associated persons, this includes both inside or outside of the home between family and household members, partners in existing or previous relationships. It can include mental, emotional, physical, verbal and sexual violence.

      Domestic violence also includes harassment, for example, persistent letters, or telephone calls, threats of violence. Whatever form it takes, domestic violence is rarely a one-off incident. More usually it is a pattern of abuse and controlling behaviour, through which the abuser seeks power over their victim. However, the law applies regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the perpetrator or victim.


      If you find yourself in this situation then an order from the court may be required to stop it this behaviour. This is called a Non-Molestation Order. You may also need to obtain an Occupation Order to exclude the perpetrator from the family home under the Family Law Act 1996.

      How we can help

      We would always recommend notifying the police if you feel under immediate threat. This can be a difficult thing to do where someone is living in fear and so we are happy to speak with you on an entirely confidential basis if you feel that you need any help.

      Please contact us at  familyandrelationships@glazerdelmar.com if you would like more information about dealing with domestic violence.

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