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      Lasting Powers of Attorney

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      We have all seen articles along these lines about the NHS. If we are honest, we sometimes read the whole article, but on many occasions we skim through it or abandon it part way because of the unpalatable nature of the content.

      Regrettably, we as individuals cannot fix the NHS nor can we fix our health when it fails us. What we can do, is ensure that we have put in place appropriate arrangements so that if ill health strikes, our wishes in respect of health and welfare matters are complied with, our property and finances are able to be managed for us and our families are protected from additional stress arising in connection with administrative matters at a time when they are already overwhelmed.

      Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is a very important part of organising your personal affairs and selecting the individuals you would like to act on your behalf when you are unable to represent yourself. Regrettably this is an area which is often overlooked, until it is too late.

      The Private Client Department at Glazer Delmar has two specialist practitioners Cheryl Thompson and Charlotte Mandy, who are happy to provide comprehensive advice in respect of this area of law.

      Do not allow life’s events to jeopardise your right to exercise choice in respect of healthcare matters or leave your property and financial affairs unmanaged. Making Lasting Powers of Attorney while you are in good health is much the same as taking out an insurance policy. You sincerely hope there will be no need to use it but have the reassurance of knowing it is there should the need arise.

      For all enquiries please contact:

      Cheryl Thompson on 020 8613 5118
      Charlotte Mandy on 020 8613 5110

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